signature massages


A body service so good, you just can’t say no to. Let us take care of your body with a harmonious massage. Our body is a house of thousands of nerve endings and carries your stress and strain just like your mind does. It’s only fair to treat it right with a massage. In this massage we gliding our gentle hands In certain motions to loosen up the tightened muscles and give a soothing feel to your muscles, ultimately relaxing your mind from stress.

Signature Massages Pricing Details

Nirvana Massage Therapy

3600 / 4000 60 MIN / 90 MIN

In Buddhism, the word “nirvana” relates to a state with no misery, desire, anger, hurt, or stress. It is the final stage and the highest form of Buddhism. People in the state of nirvana find themselves happy and free from stress. We deliver rejuvenating nirvana experience. We tailor our nirvana massage therapy to meet all your body needs -an outstanding experience. After a few weeks of working tirelessly your body requires a complete recharge.

Solar Massage

4500 / 4500 60 MIN / 90 MIN

Recommended to those who prefer to be re - energized. This is our best treatment to revitalize your body with this integrative style of full- body signature massage, combining the techniques from the orient and the west with your choice of aromatherapy oil. Our therapist will use different movements, stretching and acupressure to awaken the energy flow of the body again.

Ride The Wave

5000 / 90 MIN

Recommended only to women. If you have stiffness, soreness or pain that you’d like to get relief from but you also want to relax bliss out with our woman signature treatment leaves your inner self with the “island glow”. First, you are gently dry brushed to exfoliate, then warmed olive oil is generously applied and massaged into the skin. You will then receive a pure relaxing Indian traditional Tandra massage. This massage is focused on a healing which improves emotional and spiritual well-being.